What's a powerful Republican to do when he's endorsed an antisemite (and racist)?

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Chief Deputy Majority Whip for the House Republicans, Eric Cantor, has been called, by Joshua Holland, "A True Anti-Semite’s Best Friend," for his willy-nilly partisan-inspired charges of antisemitism.

Back in Ought-five, Holland wrote:

"It's clear that for Eric Cantor, anti-Semitism means any statement by a non-Republican that in any way implies a hint of criticism of Isreal, suggests that the Israeli lobby actually…lobbies, or in any way, shape or context mentions Hitler or the Holocaust."
So what will Cantor do now that his Republican colleague, one whom he was "very proud to endorse," turns out to be a racist and antisemite?

Cenk Uygur writes that Frank Hargrove "is the Virginia state legislator who said earlier this week that blacks 'should get over' slavery. He is also wondered if Jews should 'apologize for killing Christ?'"

One wonders if hysterical press releases will appear on Cantor's site, decrying Hargrove's statements, followed by his fellow Virginia Republican instances of racism over the past year (like the one released after a Howard Dean apology for nothing). One doesn't really wonder too hard though.

Cenk adds:
"By the way, I have always been amused at the absurd idea that the Jews killed Jesus. Jesus was a Jew! Blaming Jewish people because they killed Jesus Christ, while ignoring that Jesus Christ was Jewish is the most asinine reason for bigotry ever invented. Let alone the fact that the Jews didn't actually kill Jesus, and that Jesus probably never even existed. But if you're going to be stupid, at least try to be a little logical about it."
It should be noted, as Joshua noted in his post, that antisemitism is alive, kicking and pernicious. But the absolute WORST way to combat it is to trivialize it with ill-thought-out, strategy-based claims.

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