(Updated) Jane Fonda: still driving them to apoplexy ...

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Let me Piggy-back on Paul Waldman's comment over at The Gadflyer about the baggage Jane Fonda brings to the anti-war movement.

Forget about normal people watching a protest on TV for a second; "Hanoi" Jane is such a cultural touchstone for the conservative movement that she has an almost singular ability to drive the really hard-core wing-nuts to never-before-scaled heights of sputtering indignation. It can really be kind of entertaining.

Here's third-tier Rush Limbaugh-wannabe Mike Gallagher simply losing his shit -- I don't know how else to put it -- on Townhall.com:

I have been paid to express my opinion for 29 years. Never before have I been driven to the bathroom, becoming violently ill, over something somebody said.
Not until now.
My wife and I were enjoying a little getaway at DisneyWorld this weekend when I saw that filthy, miserable Hanoi Jane standing at a podium in front of a few thousand anti-war creeps.
So Jane Fonda is back, eh? Things are only going to get worse before they get better.
How long will it be before people are burning American flags again? How soon before freaks are standing in America's airports in order to spit in the faces of returning soldiers from Iraq, like they did to returning soldiers from Viet Nam?
How soon, indeed?

Gallagher gets so wound up, he ends up pulling a D'Souza and siding with the terrorists …
Seeing Jane Fonda Saturday was enough to make me wish the unthinkable: it will take another terror attack on American soil in order to render these left-leaning crazies irrelevant again. Remember how quiet they were after 9/11? No one dared take them seriously. It was the United States against the terrorist world, just like it should be.
Yes, those were heady days, indeed. Where's bin Laden when we really need him?

Meanwhile, I wonder what Gallagher thought about "Klute"?

Update: PZ Myers adds:
I also have to point out that Jane Fonda was exactly correct on the Vietnam War; we should not have been there, we shouldn't have thrown away tens of thousands of American lives in that futile, destructive effort. Our wingnut friend is doubly wrong in both hoping for more terror and in rejecting the valid anti-war message of the left.
… I suspect the hysteria of the right is due to the galling tendency of the left to constantly point out how terribly, tragically wrong the jingo-chanting war mongers have been. Why is Mike Gallagher "driven to the bathroom, becoming violently ill, over something [Jane Fonda] said"? It's not because of what Fonda has said, but because of the horrors he has supported.

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