Top 10 Articles on the Christian Right for 2006

AlterNet works to cover all aspect of the Christian Right -- here are our 10 most popular articles from 2006.

10. How Jesus Endorsed Bush's Invasion of Iraq
By Damon Linker, Doubleday
In the lead up to the invasion of Iraq, Bush needed the approval of religious leaders to shore up his religious base and a group of Catholic theoconservatives were happy to help him do just that.

9. Using Children as 'God's Army'
By Kirsten A. Powers, The American Prospect
A new documentary chronicles a summer camp where children, as young as six, are trained to become devout Christian soldiers.

8. Foley, Gays and the Religious Right: Is This the Nail in the GOP Coffin?
By Evan Derkacz, AlterNet
It's become clear that the Republican leadership protected a predator.Will it cost them the conservative Christian votes they so desperately need?

7. The Growing Threat of Right-Wing Christians
By Onnesha Roychoudhuri, AlterNet
Michelle Goldberg says progressives need to wake up and pay attention to the enormous -- and growing -- influence of the radical Christian right.

6. Public Stoning: Not Just for the Taliban Anymore
By John Sugg, Creative Loafing (Atlanta)
Christian reconstructionists believe democracy is heresy and public school is satanic -- and they've got more influence than you think.

5. Why the Religious Right Fights Cancer Prevention
By Gene Gerard, Truthdig
Conservative groups have caused an uproar by opposing a vaccine for the second-deadliest cancer for women.

4. The Top 10 Power Brokers of the Religious Right
By Rob Boston, Church and State
Who they are, what they want, and why these American ayatollahs must be stopped.

3. 'Arrows for the War'
By Kathryn Joyce, The Nation
The Christian 'Quiverfull' movement measures a mother's spiritual resolve by the number of children she raises, each one an arrow in the quiver of God's army.

2. Lobbying for Armageddon
By Sarah Posner, AlterNet
Some influential evangelical leaders are lobbying for an attack on Iran. But it's not about geopolitics -- it's about bringing about the End Times.

1. Tyranny of the Christian Right
By Michelle Goldberg, AlterNet
The largest and most powerful mass movement in the nation -- evangelical Christianity -- has set out to destroy secular society.

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