Monty Python on Iraq's cost...

Terry Jones Monty Python-izes Bush's Iraq war in his latest Guardian column.

Noting that Bush is about to ask congress for $100 billion more (for the onerous task of making life intolerable for the Iraqis ), he asks what American voters would've chosen between receiving $1600 each and bombing a country "that doesn't use lavatory paper?"

Jones then asks what it would've done for international terrorism to have given every Iraqi $18,700, as opposed to "bombing the hell out of them." I'll tell you: very little in the short term.

I know he's being somewhat tongue-in-cheek, but Saddam's and Iraq's connections to international terrorism were gauzy -- at best. A real change in Iraq would've been good for overall stability and hope in the Middle East, but let's get real: there was no appreciable terrorism there...

Phew, k. Back to Monty Python.

Wryly claiming that "the US is the flagship of monetary common sense," Jones points out that Iraq spending bills whooshed through the Republican-led congress (with little to no resistance from a quivering Dem minority) with no provision for accounting. That's right, they stripped oversight from the bill.

I know. You're shocked.

Then comes the most grisly statistic. Remember, this is a satirist:

What's more, with over half a million dead, it means that the world's greatest military superpower has spent a million dollars for every Iraqi killed.
Sometimes it takes a cold-blooded satire to flip a certain switch in the old noodle. We've created a moral and fiscal disaster over there so we could avoid dealing with the one at home...

Read the whole column HERE.

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