Fox is right: Iraqi insurgents are "thrilled" Dems won

It's not that Fox "News" was wrong in suggesting that the Iraqi insurgents "must be thrilled at the prospect of a Dem-controlled congress." It's that their spin is only part of the story.

Iraqi insurgents must indeed be thrilled that a political party that led the invasion of their country that resulted in the deaths of a half million of its citizens took a pummeling back home. As are, no doubt, the rest of the 90 percent of Iraqis who consider the U.S. occupiers and not liberators. As are, I'm sure, the vast majority of citizens in just about every other country in the world, friends and foes alike.

The people who are unhappy with the Republicans' defeat, it's safe to assume, are the 10 percent of Iraqis who consider us liberators, the Israeli right, various European neo-fascist parties who are loving the Clash of Civilizations -- not the mainstream conservatives, who are multilateralists -- and, of course, that minority of the insurgency calling itself al-Qaeda in Iraq -- also known as terrorists.

Last week, CIA director Michael Hayden said that there were only 1300 foreign al-Qaeda volunteers fighting in Iraq, whereas the Sunni guerrillas numbered "in the low tens of thousands." While the latter are thrilled, the former must be miserable.

As are what remains of Osama bin Laden's al-Qaeda group. As Robert Parry noted last month, American intelligence knows from intercepted internal al-Qaeda communications that "one of the group's biggest worries has been that a prompt U.S. military withdrawal might expose how fragile al-Qaeda's position is in Iraq and cause many young jihadists to lay down their guns and go home."

One al-Qaeda communiqué said quite forthrightly: "Prolonging the war is in our interest."

The Dems aren't going to magically get us out of Iraq, but they change the political dynamic and make it much more likely that we will leave, and that must have extremist groups around the world miserable, worried about losing what the National Intelligence Estimate called a cause celebré for terrorist organizations' recruiting efforts.

So let's review. Those "thrilled" about the Dems' win are the Iraqi insurgents, the "good people of Iraq" for whom George Bush says we're fighting, majorities among most of our allies and almost two-thirds of the American people.

The miserable include Europe's frothy right-wing parties, Likudniks, a small number of Republican dead-enders and war-bloggers here at home, al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups and, of course, Fox News.

Now if only we had a cable new station to report that.


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