Updated: Dispatch from occupied Oaxaca

Updates in reverse chronological order.

Update: From Rochelle Gause, via e-mail late last night:

So today is day two of the federal troops entry into Oaxaca. The people put up incredible nonviolent resistance. Folks were laying in front of bulldozers and other military machinery to prevent it from entering the city. They held them off for hours. The barricades were reinforced with many people. A friend that came into town by bus on the first day said he saw a march of 2,000 people walking in to the city by foot from their rural village to show support, they were over an hour away at the time so who knows how far they walked.

Three have been killed by the police including a 12 year old. At least 36 have been arrested. At one point they were entering private homes and searching for people. They have reclaimed the center square and destroyed all the tarps and such the teachers were living under. They are blockading all entrances to the center square in at least 8 areas by standing shoulder to shoulder with full riot gear. They have cleared out some barricades but many still remain. Thousands of people responded today with three marches that came together at a local church. The teachers who have been displaced by the police are setting up a new encampment by the church. Tonight they will sleep with few blankets or tarps but tomorrow they told us reinforcements are coming.

My biggest worry right now...the main communication for the movement is a radio station at the university, the head of the university has taken a stand stating that they are autonomous and thus the federal police can't occupy the campus. Which has held them off...they have surrounded it but not entered but I worry about if that will last. They cut the electricity yesterday and the station was down but within an hour they had a generator and were back on the air!


Yesterday, the PFP moved in in force, breaking down the barricades and arresting at least 50. They now control the Zocalo, but some APPO leaders have pledged to return to the square. According to AP, schools were supposed to open today, but no students showed up.

Here's an account from the Irish Examiner:
A 15-year-old boy was killed as police took control of a Mexican city which has been held by protesters for five months.
Officers tore down barricades and stormed the embattled city of Oaxaca yesterday.
With helicopters clattering overhead, officers entered the city from several sides. They marched up to a final metal barrier blocking the city centre, but pulled back as protesters armed with sticks attacked them from behind, hurling burning tyres.
The air filled with black smoke and tear gas.
A 15-year-old boy manning one barricade was killed by a tear gas canister, human rights worker Jesica Sanchez said.
As night fell, however, protesters decided to abandon the centre and regroup at a local university. They pledged to continue their battle to get Governor Ulises Ruiz to resign, even as police tore down the banners and tents that had served as their headquarters for months of often violent demonstrations. Protest spokesman Roberto Garcia said 50 supporters had been arrested and police were searching houses, looking for protest leaders.

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