Selling Out Iraq: AlterNet's War Profiteering Archive

In coordination with the release of Robert Greenwald's new documentary, Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers, AlterNet and its progressive media partners have taken a serious look at the issues and individuals impacted by privatization in Iraq. All media partners are members of The Media Consortium, a new network of leading progressive independent journalism organizations. All the articles produced in coordination with Iraq for Sale follow.

Additionally, AlterNet has compiled its recent coverage of war profiteering below the list of articles by the Media Consortium. From Sarah Anderson's account of the CEO who cashed in on shoddy body armor for U.S. troops in Iraq to pursue his tacky material lifestyle to Joshua Holland's groundbreaking analysis of the disasters of Iraq's privatized economy, AlterNet is proud to offer comprehensive coverage on this vital topic.

From the Media Consortium:

The Unaccountables
Tara McKelvey, the American Prospect
Forget the soldiers: The 25,000 civilian contractors in Iraq are an occupying army unto themselves. Some may have engaged in torture -- and, by evident design, they can't be prosecuted for their crimes.

Doing the Dirty Work
Pratap Chatterjee, ColorLines
Asian migrant workers perform the menial labor on U.S. military bases in Iraq, where trafficking has been standard practice since the invasion began.

Privatized Warfare: The Summer of Discontent
Bill Scher, In These Times
It's been a bad season for military contractors and their Bush administration backers, and the release of the new film Iraq for Sale will only turn up the heat. Bill Scher of reports.

Crude Awakening: U.S. Policies in Afghanistan and Iraq Sell Out Women in Favor of Oil
Martha Burk, Ms. Magazine
Whether supporting gender apartheid abroad, or sacrificing feeding programs for U.S. women and children at home so that ExxonMobil can get a tax break ... U.S. priorities are consistent: Oil wins over women's rights hands down.

From Mother Jones magazine:
Investigative reports on contracting and corruption in post-war Iraq.

Pentagon Spends Billions to Outsource Torture
Joshua Holland, AlterNet
Bush administration hawks are getting profit-hungry companies like CACI to do their dirty work in the war zones of the New American Empire. And we're footing the bill.

AlterNet's recent coverage on war profiteering in Iraq:

The 10 Most Brazen War Profiteers
Charlie Cray, AlterNet
Halliburton has become synonymous with war profiteering, but there are lots of other greedy fingers in the pie. We name names on 10 of the worst.

Blatantly Boasting War Profiteers
Sarah Anderson, AlterNet
Profiteering execs don't usually brag about their windfalls from the 'war on terror' -- unless they're talking to potential investors.

Bush's Iraq: A Bloodbath Economy
Joshua Holland, AlterNet
The president's plans to subject Iraq to the most radical forms of capitalism are as responsible as the war itself for the destruction of Iraq.

Iraq's Reconstruction a Boondoggle by Design
Joshua Holland, AlterNet
Iraq's reconstruction has been a crude taxpayer rip-off -- and while $30 billion has been spent, only 30 percent of Iraqis are even aware of the rebuilding effort.

Bechtel Takes a Hit for War Profiteering
Antonia Juhasz, AlterNet
Government auditors who canceled Bechtel's $50 million contract will soon find reasons to cancel the company's $2.85 billion in Iraq contracts.

Cheney's Halliburton Loses Its Iraq Cash Cow
Charlie Cray,
Finally, Dick Cheney's former company has had its lucrative contract to rebuild Iraq's oil infrastructure canceled, but the company may still get more chances to rip off the U.S. taxpayer.

The Rise and Fall of a War Profiteer
Sarah Anderson, AlterNet
Just months ago, bulletproof vest-maker David H. Brooks was living large, having raked in millions selling the military body armor. But it was his last hurrah.

The Great Iraq Oil Grab
Joshua Holland, AlterNet
The official reasons the United States invaded Iraq don't hold water. So, as the man said, follow the money ... straight to the oil fields.

Fighting War Profiteering, Truman Style
Sarah Anderson, AlterNet
If Rumsfeld hopes to bask in Truman's aura as a military leader, he'd do well to take a stand against the rampant corruption that is occurring on his watch.

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