Pope strikes a note for religious war

Conservative Opus Dei member, Pope Ratzinger (technically Pope Benedict XVI), delivered what can only be seen as a sad, narrow and offensive speech to a university in Germany last week.

The Pope put his chauvinism on neon display by claiming that jihad is intrinsically violent and by quoting from a 14th-century Catholic on the "truth" of Christianity vs. Islam:

Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread the sword by the faith he preached...
Granted, this only made up a small portion of the Pope's speech and he did qualify it by claiming that he was only using it as an example of how not to spread faith, but was that a good example for a Pope who already has issues with Islam? And to speak of "Islam" during the speech and not "fundamentalist" Islam?

Here's the saddest and most dangerous comment, from a Vatican expert at La Repubblica: "Certainly he closes the door to an idea which was very dear to John Paul II — the idea that Christians, Jews and Muslims have the same God and have to pray together to the same God..."

Let's wave goodbye to pluralism in the Vatican.

A Times editorial noted:
"Muslim leaders the world over have demanded apologies and threatened to recall their ambassadors from the Vatican, warning that the pope’s words dangerously reinforce a false and biased view of Islam."
Note to Ratz on irony and popularity: Ask not why Europe's Mass is in steady decline (under 15% in Germany). When you give a speech on faith and reason stating that Islam is against Reason but then you take a crap on pluralism, which ironically is born of Reason, you are not going to get many pluralist Europeans to the pews.

They don't cotton to triumphalism in the pews anymore. Bad move Vatican.

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