Hot Conservative on Conservative action

Conservative rifts are forming faster than Moses parting the Red Sea.

First, there's the Path to 9/11 film which was denounced by conservatives as "unacceptable revision," "defamatory," "strewn with a lot of problems," and "just cause for complaint."

Now, the conservative screenwriter, Cyrus Nowrasteh has spit on those conservatives by penning a column as true as his script: "I felt duty-bound from the outset to focus on a single goal--to represent our recent pre-9/11 history as the evidence revealed it to be."

Shame on the Wall St. Journal editorial page (would that they had some...) for printing this garbage.

Nowrasteh claims that he's not a "conservative hatchetman," that he's just out for the truth. I call Bullshit. In the next breath Nowrasteh compares the outcry over PT9/11 to a communist witch hunt because director David Cunningham was called out on his parent's youth ministry.

No, Cyrus, it's not the youth ministry itself, it's this that raised eyebrows: "[Youth with a Mission] Sponsored the Film Institute To Change Hollywood. YWAM created an 'auxillary' group called the Film Institute, which was explicitly aimed at achieving a 'Godly transformation and revolution TO and THROUGH the Film and Television industry.'"

On the more electoral end, the Republican congress and the Bush administration are approaching civil war.

Check out this passage from a Washington Post editorial:

How exactly does one convince the teeming masses that Republicans deserve to stay in power despite botching a war, doubling the national debt, keeping company with Jack Abramoff, fumbling the response to Hurricane Katrina, expanding the government at record rates, raising cronyism to an art form, playing poker with Duke Cunningham, isolating America and repeatedly electing Tom DeLay as their House majority leader?
And that's Republican Joe Scarborough in a column suggesting that the only way for Republicans up for reelection to explain that away is to "Blame Bush."

He also notes:
"I recently ran a segment on my MSNBC show asking whether Bush was an idiot [VIDEO]. After the show, I actually received positive feedback from conservative friends, along with the predictable condemnation from White House staffers. The response was telling and suggested that attacking Bush from the right carries no political risk -- a useful pointer for House members facing tough campaigns."
Add that to the McCain Mutiny on Bush's push for torture and you've got a civil war fomenting....

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