Dobson's 4% factor

Thanks for the article and the title of this post go to our somewhat-esteemed technology director, Michael Gharabiklou.

Look at that photo of Dobson at his speech yesterday and then meditate on the words of Sinclair Lewis: "When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross."

Great, so at his "Stand for the Family Rally" Dobson keeps the congregation's trust by telling them that he's so disappointed with Republicans (for not making abortion and gay marriage illegal across the board) but that they should keep Republicans in power because should they lose powerful committee assignments it could be real real bad.


The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette writes:

Although tax law forbids Dr. Dobson's Focus On The Family Action, the nonprofit organization that sponsored the rally, to endorse candidates, organizers said that last night's Stand for the Family Rally was held in Pennsylvania because of its high-profile U.S. Senate race between incumbent Republican Rick Santorum and Democratic challenger Bob Casey. Issue guides being distributed last night clearly favored Mr. Santorum.
Yeah, that's funny. Isn't the progressive-minded All Saints Church incurring the wrath of the IRS due to its pre-2004 sermon favorable to Kerry?

Funny how those investigations go.

Advancing the White House's Dems-are-soft-on-national-security-meme like a good little go-fer, Dr. Dobson yelled BOO! with the kind of ersatz stats I grew up with (You want to go swimming?! Don't you know that 2.2% of kids die in swimming accidents before the age of 12!!!):
"We are at war in this country with an enemy who wants to destroy us," he said. He stressed that only a small minority of Muslims believe that their faith justifies violence, "but let's say 4 percent of Muslims want to kill us ... . That's 48 million people who want to bring us to our knees."
Hmm, 4% [lips pursed to the side]. That's 1 out of 25. Maybe we should each round up 25 Muslims and just detain one of them? But how do we know which one wants to kill us? Better keep them all. And better keep the Republicans in office so we can reserve the right to torture them.

Hey, that's just what Jesus would do!

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