WMD found in Iraq

A story on AlterNet's front page examines a recent finding that half of America still believes that Saddam had WMD.

With all due respect to Amitabh Pal and our editorial department, Duh.

There were WMD found in Iraq.

Sure, they were old, degraded, and virtually unusable, but you can't deny that they were there. Look at it this way: If your husband went into the kitchen during the night and ate the last piece of cake and then you scolded him in the morning because it was your birthday cake and now there was none left, he could (correctly) point out that there were indeed crumbs.

Or, that there was plenty, only it had been digested.

See? So it's not about a war that's making America and the world less safe -- not to mention killing tens if not hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and thousands of soldiers -- it's about whether there was one useless WMD or not. Genius.

But if you really want to know why America believes that crucial, war-justifying WMD were found, go check out Bob Geiger's recent PEEK post on a Hannity WMD poll (Hannity is the second most popular talk radio host in the nation) and then watch this Hannity/Santorum clip from last month on a story dutifully reported by the fair and balanced Foxers with the headline: "Report: WMD Found in Iraq."

The irony, of course, is that it's also this article's information that's used to discredit the cake-eaters. When you watch the clip, think: But there're crumbs!! Crumbs!!

Clarity Alert: My esteemed colleague Josh reminds me in comments that I can be a bit too tongue-in-cheeky at times. So here, for those who might ever have the urge to disingenously claim that "even progressives like AlterNet know that there were WMD in Iraq," is the crystal clear version: A useless WMD is not a WMD. By definition. My cake analogy only works for those who either lack reasoning skills altogether or, more to the point here, for those who don't care. Santorum, Hannity, Hoekstra. These are people who don't care about just or unjust. They care about following authority and reinforcing the logic of might. I hope history takes it easy on them. I have a feeling it won't.


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