Murtha discredits Iraq War Resolution


Representative John Murtha opened the discussion for Democrats on House Resolution 861�the Iraq War Resolution. Murtha spoke for about thirty minutes detailing why the U.S. needs to redeploy its troops.

In the first clip Murtha points out that when President Bush visited Baghdad, he said he was "glad to see democracy in action" even though he and his associates were “afraid to go out of the Green Zone.� He states that, since the U.S. has occupied Iraq, 900,000 citizens have left the country, a phenomenon he terms ‘voting with their feet.’

He also states that, shortly after the occupation began, it became clear that several projects needed to be taken care of immediately to improve situations with trash, sewage, electricity and jobs, none of which have yet been achieved. Murtha continues that the U.S. is said to be ‘making progress’ in Iraq. However, if this is so, then why has the number of daily attacks increased from 53 in 2004 to 90 in 2006? The size of the insurgency has also increased�from 15,000 members in 2004 to 20,000 in 2006. Murtha states, “That’s the way I measure whether its progress or not progress.�

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In the second clip, Murtha uses statistics to point out that few people�American citizens, American troops or Iraqi citizens�approve of the war. In a poll taken of servicemen and women, 72 percent want the U.S. to be out of Iraq within a year. In another poll, 87 percent of Iraqi citizens approve of a timetable for withdrawal. Iraqi citizens have no trust in multinational forces�in a survey of where their trust lies, only one percent of the Iraqi public said they trusted foreign troops, but six percent trust insurgents.

If these statistics aren’t troubling enough, Murtha also points out that 10 out of 14 countries think that the Iraq war made the world more dangerous, and many countries regard China more highly than they do the U.S. Murtha contends that the only people who want the U.S. to stay in Iraq are members of al Qaeda and countries such as Russia and China, who benefit from the U.S. depleting its resources.

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Click here for the entire transcript from this speech.

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