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Serving up a healthy dose of political red meat to an audience primed and ready, Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairman Howard Dean and former Virginia Governor (and presidential hopeful) Mark Warner rallied the troops Saturday at YearlyKos.

"Those guys win elections by scapegoating people," said Dean referring to the Republican party. "[It's always] 'those people' from Ronald Reagan's 'welfare queen' to George Bush's gay and lesbian Americans and immigrants. Scapegoat, scapegoat, scapegoat! It's the way they win elections."

"We will not do that because it's bad for America and the one big difference between the Republican party and the Democratic party is they will put the interests of the Republican party ahead of the interests of the United States of America and we will not do that," continued Dean, to thunderous applause.

Dean addressed a massive crowd that managed to get there for the 8:00 AM speech, despite most having attended the extravagant gala hosted by Warner -- complete with open bar and lavish buffets -- last night at the Stratosphere Casino. Though many attendees may have been blurry-eyed, Dean got them revved up when talking about the role of the new generation of activists and bloggers and the extent to which people like those attending YearlyKos will be key in returning our country to greatness.

"What we are now engaged in is a new generation, a community, that wants to restore American values. The best American values. Not the American values put forth by Dick Cheney and George Bush every day," said Dean, as the crowd roared in approval. "This is a movement that is not so different from the movement in the 60s to take back America to a better place or bring America to a better place than where it was. In the 60s what we fought for was individual rights, equal rights under the law for every single American and we're still fighting for these things today. But we have lost our way starting in 1980 when the me party took over from the we party."

Dean discussed how the Republican party fights for votes every day between presidential elections and emphasized the need for Democrats to work as hard -- or harder.

"The Democratic party is the vehicle to reform America. This is a tough fight and you don’t win just because you're right," he said. "You win because you out-work the other guys, you're tougher than the other guys but you also win because you appeal to the higher instincts in people instead of people's worst instincts."

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