President Gore On 'Saturday Night Live'

Ever since I started blogging I've had an almost-daily sense of gratitude for Crooks and Liars, the site that makes it possible for us to miss great things on television -- but only for a few hours.

Al Gore opened Saturday Night Live last night with an Oval Office address to the nation that assumed we did not have a criminal Supreme Court in 2000 and that he has been president for the last six years. You really need to watch this clip. An excerpt:
Right now, in the 2nd week of May 2006, we are facing perhaps the worst gas crisis in history.
We have way too much gasoline. Gas is down to $0.19 a gallon and the oil companies are hurting.
I know that I am partly to blame by insisting that cars run on trash.
I am therefore proposing a federal bailout to our oil companies because - hey if it were the other way around, you know the oil companies would help us.
On a positive note, we worked hard to save Welfare, fix Social Security and of course provide the free universal health care we all enjoy today.
But all this came at a high cost. As I speak, the gigantic national budget surplus is down to a perilously low $11 trillion dollars.
And don't get any ideas. That money is staying in the very successful lockbox. We're not touching it.
Of course, we could give economic aid to China, or lend money to the Saudis... again.
But right now we're already so loved by everyone in the world that American tourists can't even go over to Europe anymore... without getting hugged.
Take a look. It's a very funny piece of television that I suspect will also give you a big twinge of sadness at the same time.

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