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Rep. Ed Markey (D-MA) threw down the gauntlet just moments ago, introducing the Network Neutrality Act of 2006 [full text HERE], which "[offers a] choice between favoring the broadband designs of a small handful of very large companies, and safeguarding the dreams of thousands of inventors, entrepreneurs, and small businesses. This legislation is designed to save the Internet and thwart those who seek to fundamentally and detrimentally alter the Internet as we know it."

In an unequivocal editorial today, the NY Times put it this way:

Cable and telephone companies that provide Internet service are talking about creating a two-tiered Internet, in which Web sites that pay them large fees would get priority over everything else.
The Times goes on to note that if the cable and telephone companies got their way, "[it] would be a financial windfall for Internet service providers, but a disaster for users, who could find their Web browsing influenced by whichever sites paid their service provider the most money."

Thus far, nobody who isn't working for the telephone and cable companies -- cough... Mike McCury -- those who will benefit at the expensive of ordinary internet users, has provided any legitimate opposition to Network Neutrality. To wit: watch Sean-Paul Kelley's excellent annotated video of Democrat Charlie Gonzalez's disingenuous spiel HERE. Gonzalez, as you'll find out, happens to be the recipient of a generous contribution from guess who...

During last week's debate on the earlier Markey amendment, calling on the House Energy & Commerce Committee to protect Internet freedom, the more the issue came to light, the more votes neutrality received.

This is that rare bird, a black and white issue, with large companies on one side and the vast majority of America on the other. Politicians will only oppose network neutrality so long as it stays in the darkest corners of debate.

Here's the updated action list, from Matt Stoller via parachutec:
1. SIGN a Net Neutrality petition to Congress.
2. CALL Congress now. Especially, tell your rrepresentatives in the House to support Markey’s Net Neutrality Act of 2006, but educate your senators on this issue too, as the fight will soon move there.
3. WRITE A LETTER to Congress.
4. MYSPACE: Add "Save the Internet" as a friend.
5. Check out the BLOG RESOURCES about this issue, including "Save the Internet" logo.
6. VISIT the SavetheInternet coalition Web site for more information.
The entire text of Markey's act is below or on his webpage HERE.

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