It's Impeachment, stupid

In a hilariously transparent attempt to change the subject (it's too simple to qualify as reframing really), the National Review's Jonah Goldberg takes the opportunity of liberal bloggers' gleeful comparisons of Bush's and Nixon's anemic poll numbers to compare the two himself.

Bloggers are, of course, comparing the poll numbers of two admitted law-breakers-in-chief, hoping Bush will get the Nixon treatment -- which he won't, not while patently unethical Republicans rule the House.

Goldberg is, to an extent, correct when he points out that many have their causation backward:

Nixon didn't resign because his poll numbers were low. The causation worked the other way. His poll numbers were low because he was involved in an impeachment-level scandal that prompted him to resign.
Quite right -- sort of. It's not that Bush isn't "involved in an impeachment-level scandal," it's that ethical weakness prevails today, while the balls existed to investigate Nixon and his scandal. Bloggers are making the (perhaps naive) point that political will, with its finger thrust into the wind, ought to be coming round any day now...

After noting some debatable differences in the economies (it's "gangbusters" as represented by a total, perhaps, but Jonah, things aren't going well for a larger number of Americans...) and in the volume of bloodshed in each war, Goldberg delves into a comparison of Dick's and Dubya's locations on the political spectrum. And BAM, he agrees.

Whaddaya know? There are reasons to compare the two. They're both liberal Republicans, Goldberg cries provocatively.

Okay, that's a somewhat slippery label but, guess what: who gives a rat's ass? The real point is, they're both deeply unpopular, law-breaking presidents. No amount of Hey, Look Over There crap is bound to undermine the real reason for the comparison of the two.

Goldberg's "liberal Republican" argument is sophistry, pure and simple. Nixon was the most ignominious president while Dubya recently admitted to breaking the law. They even gave the same freaking response when caught: "when the president does it, it's not illegal."

At one point Goldberg writes: "I could argue that Nixon's amoral foreign policy is today alive and well in many corners of the Left, but that's a distraction from my central point." Yes: and the point... hey, what's that? A terrorist marriage-hating homo! McCain/Giuliani '08!

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