The New Racism

Racism doesn't unfortunately seem to be flagging so much as it's FLAGing. I'll explain.

As the immigration issue heats up -- protests, a bill heading for the senate, etc -- talking heads are talking keyboards alike are starting to focus their anger on the flags held by protesters; Mexican, Dominican, whatever.

  • Fox's Dayside host said to a guest: "Can you tell them to leave home their Mexican flags?"
  • Michael Savage called for burning the Mexican flag
  • CNN's Lou Dobbs, a "proud" Minuteman supporter, declared "I don't think that we should have any flag flying in this country except the flag of the United States."

Georgia10 writes:
But waving the Mexican flag is not a de facto rejection of America or its laws, as Malkin and others would have people believe. It is the natural reaction of a people whose identity is under assault by racists on the right: it is a celebration of self, a proclamation that every culture is a definite thread in the American tapestry. It is a recognition that being American means living the most diverse nation on earth--a nation where you don't have to sacrifice your culture and traditions to be a proud American.
Matt Singer writes:
Has there been any similar outcry to burn the Irish flag following the nation’s St. Patrick’s Day festivities?... And, honestly, if we’re going to bitch about non-American flags being flown, can’t we start with lawmakers who insist on flying the Confederate flag — the flag of treason — on state property?
billmon, pointing to a recent sally between Lou Dobbs and his correspondent questioning the American-ness of protesters with Mexican flags, writes: "Thank God Lou and his broadcast boy toy didn't see this:

anti war speakers

"Or even worse, this..." (WhiskeyBar)

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