Hello... they said nuclear first strike...

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Monday's post on Seymour Hersh's contention that plans to attack Iran with nuclear weapons were "operational" and well-underway got people talking here on AlterNet. But in the commercial media? Not so much.

Billmon writes: "I mean, what exactly does it take to get a rise out of the media industrial complex these days? A nuclear first strike against a major Middle Eastern oil producer doesn't ring the bell? Must every story have a missing white woman in it before the cable news guys will start taking it seriously?"

Noting that "our long national journey towards complete idiocy is over. We've arrived," Billmon continues:
Even by the corrupt and debased standards of our times, this is a remarkable thing. The U.S. government is planning aggressive nuclear war (the neocons can give it whatever doublespeak name they like, but it is what it is); those plans have been described in some detail in a major magazine and on the front page of the Washington Post; the most the President of the United States is willing to say about it is that the reports are "speculative" (which is not a synonym for "untrue") and yet as I write these words the lead story on the CNN web site is:
ABC pushes online TV envelope

ABC is going to offer online streams of some of its most popular television shows, including "Desperate Housewives" and "Lost," for free the day after they first air on broadcast TV.
Billmon proposes that the story's ho-hum treatment may be due to the conventional wisdom that this isn't for real... I mean, who would do that?

Only someone in a coma during the runup to Iraq.

Should a nuclear first-strike occur, something we all have a hard time wrapping our heads around, according to Billmon we'd become a rogue state, it would "mark the definitive end of the system of collective security – and the laws and institutions supporting that system – established in the wake of World War II," oil would skyrocket, and Iran, with a very capable terrorist network would likely attack the U.S.

But maybe he's wrong and it's just a ploy to strike fear into Iran. At least the Mets are in first place. Read the whole post HERE. It's well worth the time. (Whiskey Bar)

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