**You can watch the video of our stamp delivery to Sen. Arlen Specter at Crooks and Liars and at PoliticsTV.**

Our first Rubber Stamp Republican Congress stamp delivery went well.  And we have the video to prove it!

We decided to target Sen. Arlen Specter of the Senate Judiciary Committee as our first rubber stamp recipient.  As you likely know, Sen. Specter has presided over hearings on the illegal Administration end-run of FISA and over Sen. Feingold's call for censure.  From the line of questions that Sen. Specter has used, it's been clear to us that he is less than comfortable with how the Administration has been conducting itself outside of the laws -- and yet, to date, we've had some toothless hearings and that's about it.

In fact, Sen. Specter's idea of holding the President accountable for breaking the law is to…amend the law to make the illegal actions less illegal.  Swell.

Hell, Sen. Specter refused to put AG Alberto Gonzalez under oath when he testified to the Committee, contrary to committee custom.

Matt Stoller of MyDD and the fantastic folks at PoliticsTV helped us make this delivery possible, and I cannot thank them enough for all their hard work in putting the video together for everyone.  Big thanks to all the wonderful bloggers who pushed this initiative forward -- and ENORMOUS thanks to everyone who took the time and the cash to order a stamp or two and send it on its way to Washington.

You can watch the video of our stamp delivery to Sen. Arlen Specter at Crooks and Liars and at PoliticsTV.

This is the first of many Rubber Stamp Republican Congress stamp events.  We'll have much more for you in the days ahead. 

It's time that members of Congress remembered that they work for all of us -- and not themselves and their cronies.  You want accountability in government?  Then vote for Democrats in 2006.

Otherwise, all you get is more of the same old Rubber Stamp Republican Congress.