'A buncha gold-toothed hot dogs'

Ok, so White House spokesman Scotty McClellan's out but who's on the shortlist to replace him? Fox News-er and radio host, Tony Snow, according to Fox News.

A list of Snow-isms can be found here, but one need look (listen) no further back than yesterday's radio show to get a feel for him and his credentials.

Blogger, and nipper at the heels of right wing radio hosts, Mike Stark, called in and gave Tony Snow the business after the Bush administration candidate blamed the state of America's black underclass on... TA DA: Jesse Jackson and other black liberal leaders.

"We do have one unresolved issue with race in this country and it is this..." Snow begins, rather auspiciously.

"People like Jesse Jackson who have committed themselves to a view that blacks are constantly victims, have succeeded in creating in the United States the most dangerous thing that we’ve encountered in our lifetime; which is, an underclass that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere...for Jesse Jackson to talk about white men and black women doesn’t add anything to it. The only guy who’s really trying to address this in an honest and straightforward way is Bill Cosby."
"...You know the solution to these problems isn’t to file lawsuits or have marches or do these silly things, it’s to get back to the fundamentals, which is: to have intact marriages, to redevelop a work ethic, to say that crime isn’t cool... Take a look at the idiotic culture of hip-hop and whaddya have? You have people glorifying failure. You have a bunch of gold-toothed hot dogs become millionaires by running around and telling everybody else that they oughtta be miserable failures and if they’re really lucky maybe they can get gunned down in a diner sometime, like Eminem’s old running mate."
"...This is absolutely crazy...we have to see that what’s going on in this country is a very quiet tragedy, because, black leaders have led... Whether they understand it or not, the black Left is leading black Americans down a blind alley."
Stark proceeds to give him the business (listen here):
Racism is bornout in the drug war. The drug war and its secondary effects have resulted in over 25% of young black men being caught up in the penal system. These men are sent off to prisons - where they can’t very well act as fathers for their children - and when they get out… well good luck finding a job. Entire communities have been systematically destroyed by white legislatures and governors passing ridiculous drug laws without regard for the effects on minority populations.
The interesting thing is, I don't think you'll find a black intellectual who disagrees entirely with the fact that embedded in American race-relations is a profoundly immoral and potentially explosive problem. Namely, that our legal and penal systems are skewed against people of color and, more accurately, people without money.

Thing is, blaming Jesse Jackson or the "idiotic hip-hop culture" or the "buncha gold-toothed hot dogs" borders on (maybe even migrates across it...) idiocy. And racism. On second thought, maybe Snow's the perfect choice for Bush spokesman. (CallingAllWingnuts)

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