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Arguing in the LA Times that Bush is a right-wing ideologue and not a conservative at all, Jeffrey Hart meets with the backside of my ire...and I'm not alone.

Pam Spaulding describes the conservatives running away from Bush like a house on fire as scurrying like roaches when the light comes on.

I just sensed that the light came on and the thousands of the faithful are like NYC king-sized, saddle-worthy vermin, scurrying for cover. Too f*cking bad, people. He's your giant breeder cockroach--are you going to do him in or just keep the saddle on the f*cker for the rest of the ride?
And Jed over at Days, no more generous, casts them as rats:
As far as I'm concerned, every single last one of 'em deserves to go down in a spectacular fireball of schadenfreude and comeuppance. But they'll squirm and they'll wriggle and they'll live to fight--or rather, get someone else to fight for them--another day…
I'm so glad it took you almost six years, nearly 3,000 soldiers lives, a record deficit, thousands of dead Iraqis, world respect and trust, the environment, the drowning of a great American city, weakened civil liberties, and a crushing reversal on women's rights to figure that out. Good for you. Now what are you gonna do? Vote for McCain in '08? Great, I'll just save this post to use again in 2014 then. Fockers, all of 'em. Sink with the ship you dirty rats.
No sympathy, my Conservative friends. Bush is undoubtedly a right-wing ideologue, but it’s because he’s a conservative--a conservative with no checks and balances, left to pursue every conservative wet dream with abandon. The certain destination for the wanton and unfettered quest for a conservative utopia was always going to be the revelation of the ugly ideology underwriting it all.

And now that the hideous underbelly of conservatism is exposed in a grotesque mosaic of avarice, antipathy, and corruption, the movement conservatives, who happily regarded Bush as their water-carrier during this hog wild run toward heaven on earth, want to distance themselves from him as if the revolting montage of carnage is the singular result of his dogmatic incompetence, instead of the culmination of a mob-directed feeding frenzy that it actually is. Well, fuck you and the president you rode in on.

Bush didn’t part ways with conservatism; Bush realized its destiny. And as part of the great Ownership Society of which you’re so fond, it’s time for you to own him. No refunds. No returns.

(Pam's House Blend, Days)

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