Deadbeat dad part II

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In last Thursday's PEEK, Lindsay argued that disgruntled dad Matt Dubay's lawsuit to squirm out of child support via the manipulation of reproductive choice was bogus. It clearly hit a nerve as it sparked over 70 comments, with no discernible pattern... Men, women, progressive, conservative... opinions were unpredictable.

Below, Lindsay reacts to a Salon article on the lawsuit and shares her thoughts on progressives who walk on eggshells when it comes to choice...

Rebecca Traister has an article in Salon about Matt Dubay, the 25-year-old computer technician who's shamelessly vying for pro-choice cred in his bid for deadbeat dads' rights.

Traister asks whether someone who really cared about choice would be launching what is universally acknowledged to be a nuisance suit to publicize men's alleged "right to choose" when real abortion rights are under coordinated attack. I don't have a lot of patience for this kinds of argument. If it's ever okay to launch a nuisance suit on behalf of child deserters, now's probably as good a time as any. Generally, I don't spend a lot of time worrying about how those who merely claim to be on my side might reflect on me. I think people like Amy Sullivan and Kos waste a lot of energy agonizing about how other pro-choicers reflect on the progressive movement. Obviously Dubay isn't doing pro-choicers any favors by taking a stance that is widely believed to be irresponsible and selfish, given that this is exactly the taint that real pro-choice activists are constantly trying to avoid. On the other hand, I don't want Sullivan and Kos telling me to shut up because I'm responsible for how people perceive Democrats at large. So, I can't very well complain that Dubay is stabbing the pro-choicers in the back by putting his personal struggle above the movement's public image.

On the other hand, I can spot opportunism when I see it. Dubay and the National Center for Men are trivializing abortion rights for the sake of their little publicity stunt.

According to the article, the National Center for Men had been waiting for an appropriate plaintiff for this lawsuit for ten years. And yet Dubay's case is weak, even by the deadbeat dad lobby's standards. If he's the best test case they could find in a decade, it kind of makes you wonder if there are as many sperm-snatching snatches out there as the men's rights activists would have you believe.

Dubay doesn't even claim that his girlfriend knowingly deceived him about her fertility. According to the article...

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