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The topic of this weekend's Studio 360 was conspiracy theories. The host, Kurt Anderson (whom I'm no fan of...) made what I thought was an astute comment after hearing a number of theories concerning the "power elite." He remarked that his problem with the underlying logic of all these theories is assigning a level of competence to our leaders that they really don't have...

The havoc they cause should be attributed to incompetence, along with greed and negligence.

With that in mind, here's Cenk Uygur's thoughts on the Civil War in Iraq, first published in the Huffington Post:

What's the plan for protecting our troops when a civil war breaks out in Iraq? Does anybody have any confidence that this administration has planned for this contingency?

I can hear Bush now, "No one could have anticipated a civil war in Iraq." Like all the people who didn't anticipate the levees being breached in New Orleans, or an al-Qaeda attack inside the United States or an Iraqi insurgency in the first place.

These guys don't plan for anything. And now that the Iraqi civil war has snuck up on them - even though many of us have been warning them for quite some time now - they will be caught with their pants down yet again.

And just like all the other disasters they didn't plan for, they won't get hurt - someone else will. And this time it will be our troops. The troops they pretend to care about in order to win elections. Putting a yellow sticker on the back of your SUV isn't going to help our soldiers if both the Sunnis and the Shiites start firing at them.

How in the world are we supposed to win a civil war where we aren't on either side? Bush's nonsensical speeches about evildoers versus the forces of freedom aren't going to do anybody any good when there aren't any clear good guys or bad guys. There is no logical reason for us to side with the Sunnis or the Shiites in this sectarian war.

Yes, the insurgency might be largely Sunni now, but what happens when the Shiites start committing the bigger atrocities (and they have already started - it's their torture chambers we recently discovered).

In a gathering of the top war planners and intelligence officials in South Carolina before the Iraq war started, there was a slide presentation from the Pentagon. It explained the different stages of the war. The last stage was post-war occupation. It had only one slide; it read, "To Be Provided."

Do you really believe these guys have prepared for the Iraqi civil war any better? God help our men and women over there, because surely this administration won't.

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