More shocking than the Danish Muslim cartoon!

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Yes, I receive and occasionally read the Christian Broadcasting Network's emails which are once in a while touching, often absurd and occasionally just downright hilarious. But last week's Q&A, Bring It On: The Occult and False Religions, was a scream. A SCREAM.

Problem is, the CBN is a sizable and, along with its TV incarnation, the 700 Club, influential organization. So in that respect, certain of the rhetoric shouldn't go unanswered. With that in mind, enjoy the Q&A but please read the Muslim response to question 3 from a mystery guest blogger below.

  1. Where does it say in the Bible that tarot cards are wrong?
  2. My stepdaughter is fascinated with vampires and other occult practices.
  3. Are God and Allah the same?
  4. Can Christians watch "The Chronicles of Narnia" even though there are witches in it?
  5. Why are so many people going into Scientology?
  6. Is a prophet the spiritual equivalent of a psychic?

Where does it say in the Bible that God is against tarot card readings? I have a friend who may want to have this done, and I want to steer my friend away from it.
I would look at the book of Isaiah, particularly where it talks about the 'spirits that peep and mutter.' You can look in the book of Deuteronomy and Leviticus, particularly, and you can see the prohibitions against witchcraft and sorcery. Tarot cards are part of the sorcerer's tools. God said, 'Should not a people turn to the Living God and not to these spirits that peep and mutter?' There is a prohibition against those who engage in witchcraft. As a matter of fact, in the Old Testament, they were stoned to death. It is wrong. It was executable by stoning in the Old Testament regimes, so this is not exactly something that God approves of.
All these -- the Chaldeans, the magicians, the astrologers, the soothsayers -- they are all part and parcel of the same thing. They are demonically oriented.
My stepdaughter is fascinated with vampires and other occult practices. Her bedroom is draped in black and has an altar with candles, incense, and a pentagram. I tell my wife that even though I am not our daughter's biological dad, I am still responsible before God for my household. My wife tells me to mind my own business. What do you believe is my responsibility before God concerning her behavior in our home?
First of all, according to the Bible, you are the head of your household. That includes your wife and your daughter...

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