And the award for Most Condescending Prick goes to...

George Bush.

First we have the president promoting health savings accounts at that well-known money factory, Wendy's:

In an hourlong speech in one of the most politically troublesome states for Republicans in this year's midterm elections, Mr. Bush took on critics of his plan, who say that poor or underemployed people cannot afford the accounts.
"It's kind of basically saying, 'If you're not making a lot of money, you can't make decisions for yourself,' " Mr. Bush told Wendy's employees assembled in the company's lobby. "That's kind of a Washington attitude, isn't it. 'We'll decide for you, you can't figure it out yourself.' I think a lot of folks here at Wendy's would argue that point of view is just simply backwards and not true."
Some strawpeople call you monkeyslaves, but I see more than that. I see a source of revenue for my buddies on Wall Street. Heh heh.

Comments LeMew of Lawyers, Guns & Money:
When those (other) Washington elites tell you that my accounts are completely worthless if you don't have large amounts of discretionary income, they're restricting your autonomy! But you're capable of deciding exactly how you'll put no money into a health savings account! And you're capable of explaining to a doctor why they should accept your empty account as payment! And allowing people to put more money into the accounts will make the no money in your account go even further, and the lessening tax revenues will make Medicaid even better-funded! Poverty is over...IF YOU WANT IT!"
Indeed. Everyone knows if you're poor, you just don't want the bling enough, baby.

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