Shiny happy goodness

I'm not in the mood to be miserable and negative (for once), so here are a few things that are pleasing me today.

1. Fender's new line of Hello Kitty guitars and amps. I'm turning 29 next month, but that doesn't mean I can't still enjoy Japanese cartoon cats (and electric guitars adorned with 'em).

Derrr, it's Hello Kitty -- I'll never stop loving that shite. (I used to be into riot grrrl, for chrissakes.)

Anyway, I like that Fender's website shows a bunch of little girls playing guitar. Yes, I know it's just another shameless, consumerist attempt at marketing to kids -- which is inherently twisted -- but I'd much rather see young ladies clamoring to learn how to rock out than begging their parents for the latest Barbies or Bratz or whatever the tots are trotting out these days.

A pillow with a beating heart: the latest in romance-replacement technology.
A pillow with a beating heart: the latest in romance-replacement technology.

2. Completely petty, totally useless… and still, I can't help but want one of these bizarre My Beating Heart creations for Christmas. They're fuzzy heart-shaped pillows with a "beating heart" inside, to help soothe the lonesome, single masses sleeping alone this holiday season. (OK, I made that last part up; they're probably not intended for that use, but it makes sense to me.)

Anyway, you can hug one to your chest at night -- cuddle up and pretend it's a real live human. The website even claims My Beating Heart will help you "relax" and "mediate" [sic], which, lord knows, I can always use help with. (If anyone knows of a "Relaxation for Dummies" instructional seminar, let me know -- I'm so there.)

3. And on the feminist tip, I was very pleased to learn about this new organization that recently formed in Mexico, with the mission of promoting coverage of gender issues in journalism.

The International Network of Journalists with a Gender Vision was formed as a place for journalists to come "…as individuals or collectively, from all over the world, with the purpose of promoting journalism with a gender perspective."

The group includes "over 100 women journalists and communicators from Argentina, Costa Rica, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Germany, Guatemala, Italy, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Spain and the United States."

Very cool. Knock knock -- can I come in, gals?

Some folks will take anything they can get...
Some folks will take anything they can get...

4. And just to offset all that shiny happy goodness, here's something that's not pleasing me today (but did provoke a horrified mini-chuckle or two): this heinous "erotic furniture" by a cabinet-maker in Holland.

His designs include "a wine-glass cupboard in the shape of a pair of large breasts, and a table supported by legs molded from a female model."

Oh, and don't forget that delightful cherry wood torso table with a hidden drawer that "opens through a springlock button in the virgina [sic]."

Tasteless, misspelled -- and just plain wrong.

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