Salon calls Raw Story’s Rove reporting implausible

There I was, trolling through yet another very neat D.C. slice and dice by Tim Grieve at Salon. This one was about a series of rumors National Review's Byron York had written about that the Rove camp is nervous about looming indictments in the Plame investigation. A few graphs down in the post, Grieve lays out the red meat in York's piece -- that York "seems to know" that Prosecutor Pat Fitzgerald "has presented to a new grand jury evidence he has obtained recently as well as evidence he presented earlier to the grand jury that indicted Scooter Libby; that "most observers" see in Fitzgerald's latest work signs that he might be planning to indict somebody; and that the time is about right for Fitzgerald to have bought off -- or not -- on Robert Luskin's 11th-hour arguments on behalf of Rove."

And then Grieve laid out a bizarre, unfounded and unsourced attack on the credibility of Raw Story, which for months has been reporting news on the Plame investigation scooping the goddamn Washington Post and New York Times:

"This isn't news, exactly. Similar rumors and conclusions have been floating around liberal blogs like Talk Left and firedoglake, and Raw Story has had a series of stories in which it claims -- a little implausibly -- to have anonymous sources that are feeding it information from the investigation that the mainstream press can't get."
Rather surprising, really, especially in light of the fact that Raw Story was recently praised and profiled by Rolling Stone for its cutting-edge muckracking on the Plame investigation.

I called up Raw Story editor John Byrne and asked him what he thought about it. He told me, "I'm a little shocked." Byrne said it was "a little ridiculous" for a reporter to discredit his outfit's reporting without calling up sources close to the story to try and confirm these things himself, and added that the reason he was getting information the big papers hadn't is that there's a lot of people in Washington who are sick of being used and abused by mainstream reporters for cynical purposes and would rather talk to Raw Story.

Byrne said that Raw Story will soon publish a note listing all the information it has broken itself on the Plame investigation -- this was planned before he had learned of Grieve's Salon post.

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