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The New York Times, The Washington Post, Reuters, the Associated Press are all dishing. Dozens of blogs are pulling out exquisite rumors, but the truth is that despite all the information out there, and what "lawyers close to the case" are saying, there is very little public knowledge about the indictments being passed out. That's leaving reporters with a couple choices: report speculation and assurances from supposedly inside sources, or report that there's nothing to report at all.

One brave reporter at Salon, Michael Scherer, dared to do just that yesterday, noting that reporters who were hot on the trail on Capitol Hill had zip, nada to report and eventually resorted to rumor-mongering:
To pass the time, reporters traded theories about what was going on. One cable news producer cradled a walkie-talkie and could be heard at one point saying to an associate at another position in or around the courthouse, "Red dog, this is Grey Fox." Another reporter, betraying some frustration, mused about her own profession, "We sound like such losers, and that's because we are."
It's tempting to speculate, but the truth is we won't know who will be indicted until Patrick Fitzgerald announces it -- whenever he chooses to announce it.

But there are some things we do know about this case. We've put together a list of facts and resources about Fitzgerald's investigation and the usual suspects:

-The Center for American Progress has an excellent list of 23 Bush Administration officials who are tied to the Plame leak, along with explanations about it.

-Media Matters for America has produced an excellent retort to the top nine lies and the rumor-mongering in the media put out to discredit Fitzgerald's investigation and/or protect its likely targets. Media Matters has released a second report detailing the spiraling misinformation spilling out of corporate media.

-Patrick Fitzgerald has his own Department of Justice web site where we can expect details about the case, when they should become public.

-It's a matter of public record that Karl Rove and Dick Cheney have made misleading statements about their knowledge or involvement in the Plame affair. Scooter Libby too.

-We've learned from The New York Times that Judith Miller learned about Valerie Plame from Scooter Libby and Karl Rove; and that Scooter Libby learned this from Dick Cheney who got this from then CIA Director George Tenet.

-We don't have a full list of the people who have testified, but possible targets of Fitzgerald's investigation who have testified include: Karl Rove, Scooter Libby, Ari Fleischer and Dick Cheney, Libby aide John Hannah and National Security advisor Stephen Hadley.

-The Washington Post reported that at least six reporters knew of Plame's identity. We know who four of those reporters are: Walter Pincus, Matt Cooper, Judith Miller and Bob Novak.

-We know that Time reporter Matt Cooper first learned Plame's identity from Karl Rove, and that Rove and his attorney do not dispute this.

-Sidney Blumenthal wrote an article detailing the specifics of Valerie Plame's undercover role at the CIA, along with the specifics of what Joseph Wilson was tasked to do for his mission to Niger.

-We know that despite GOP assurances to the contrary, Valerie Plame's neighbors did not know her identity. As David Tillotson, one of Plame's neighbors told the FBI, "They wanted to know how well we knew her, which is very well. Did we know anything about her position before the story broke? Absolutely not."

-There's a burgeoning scandal growing out the origins of the Niger intelligence as reported by Laura Rozen in the American Prospect. A lot of this information comes from investigative reporting by the Italian newspaper La Repubblica.

Finally, if you want to read the most comprehensive archive of the Plame affair produced using citizen research, AlterNet suggests the Wikipedia entry detailing the matter. You'll want to confirm all of these allegations yourself, of course, but it's a great resource.

P.S. More exquisite rumors here and here.

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