Iraq vote was a fraud (video)

Draft Constitution Adopted by Iraq Voters was the top headline on Google news this morning. This is the first draft of history. And it has an air bubble in it.


Veteran ABC News Correspondent Martha Raddatz covered the Iraq constitutional referendum and was a witness to voter fraud [VIDEO -- big thanks to eagle-eyed Peek reader Ed Schwing for the tip].

On PBS' Washington Week Raddatz recounted her experience of going to a Sunni neighborhood and witnessing numerous voters come out to proudly register their opposition to the constitution.

At one polling place, however, she watches as an Iraqi voter fills out seven cards in support of the constitution. According to her, he was by no means the only case. Just the only one during their 20 minute stay.

Yet she still refers to it as irregularities: "There are some irregularities and I can tell you right now, I witnessed them."

Here's how PBS introduces a segment that includes a veteran mainstream media professional who directly witnessed (and recorded on camera) vote fraud:
Administration Awaits Iraq Election Results

The outcome of Iraq's constitutional referendum was uncertain due to accusations of voter fraud, but the next steps to building the new government hinge on the constitution's success.
Oh, just accusations... There are nearly always accusations of voter fraud. One would think this eyewitness account would constitute (sorry, I'm working on the puns...) a gen-u-ine scoop. A broadcast to hang your hat -- not to mention some sexy promos -- on.

Nope. Just allegations. And no need to wait for the consequences of "burying the lead." Here's the first line of today's AP report: "Iraq's landmark constitution was adopted by a majority in a fair vote..."

The Sunnis will be very happy and the insurgency will be over any day now.
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