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Raw Story's been told by "those close to the investigation" that Fitzgerald's submitted at least one request to the Grand Jury. They say that he'll seek at least two before he's done.

Nobody knows whether it'll be for the investigation's initial focus of revealing the name of an undercover CIA agent or for lying to a prosecutor, but that only makes a difference in spin-land.

Which, coincidentally, is where we currently reside. As such, politicians like Kay Bailey Hutchison have been pre-spinning for the possibility, attempting to downplay perjury as a "technicality" -- despite the fact that she and other perjury-supporters supported the prosecution of Clinton's perjury.

As Larry Johnson points out, perhaps it's perjury leading to consensual sex they don't like while perjury leading to killing is fine and dandy.

Shame on Hutchison and others for downplaying the seriousness of perjury. Punishment for lying during an investigation is one of the most effective tools for assuring that justice is served. But then, maybe that's not everyone's goal.

Now, however, due to the fact that investigators have been sent to the Plame/Wilson neighborhood to determine whether anyone was aware of Plame's job at the CIA, it appears that the possibility of indictments for more than just perjury are still on the table.

Steve Benen notes that: "According to a CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll, about 40% believe some administration officials acted illegally in the matter, a similar percentage believe administration officials acted unethically, while only one in 10 Americans said they believe Bush administration officials did nothing illegal or unethical."

Kos notes that Fitzgerald met with Rove's lawyer today, signifying that Rove is still very much in the running for an indictment.

Taegan Goddard reports that the investigation is focused on Cheney's office and that the White House expects indictments today (though they may not be made public till tomorrow).

Laura Rozen leads the pack on the intrigue from Italy. It's becoming apparent that certain Italian intelligence officials were responsible for creating the forged documents that made their way into the US and UK case for war. The forged documents exposed by Joe Wilson as contradictory to his findings for which his wife was outed.

Throw in a love interest and you've got a bestseller.

Finally, save the link to Andy McCarthy's Fitzgerald hagiography on the ultra-conservative National Review website for when the smears start bob-bob-bobbin' along. (Raw Story / ThinkProgress / No Quarter)

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