Abortion 'alternatives'

As we roll into this next round of the Supreme Court Rumble, I'm still digging out the ol' "Keep Your Laws Off My Body" pins and bumper stickers. I was struck by two posts over at Feministe that I read over the weekend... one about a Times article suggesting that Roe really isn't that big a deal anymore, now that women are figuring out how to have their very own abortions at home again, and another pointing to a Catholic pro-life blog about reducing the demand for abortions.

The Times article focuses on a drug called Cytotec which was originally approved in '88 for ulcers. Evidently, the right doses in clinical settings can also induce a miscarriage. Since everyone's assuming that the right to an abortion will be eliminated or severely restricted eventually, the article suggests that women will start having illegal abortions all over again -- but 2005, prescription-drug-gone-wild style. And it'll be safer than the coat hanger! No worries about your rights, ladies.

Going over to the other side, there's talk from a Catholic pro-life person about how to reduce the demand for abortions. Surprisingly enough, they're all good ideas, ones that progressives aren't talking about enough still:

We can bolster welfare programs so that another child won't cripple a family, even if that family is African American and poor. We can set up day care centers beyond what we already offer so single mothers can work. We can help every family attain adequate housing. We can provide appropriate sex education and contraception education to kids who need it. We can do a host of things to attack the demand side of abortion, but we don't.

Of course, these shouldn't be in place of a right to an abortion (which the author doesn't suggest at all -- I'm just reinforcing). A commenter on the site (one who supports the passage of something nefariously titled the Human Life Amendment, or HLA) goes on to suggest that pro-lifers already do all those things with all the free stuff they're giving away willy-nilly at their "abortion alternative" centers.

Besides the fact that they pretty much require some sort of religious conversion to happen to get those services, they're downright creepy with the "I drank the Kool-Aid" sentiments. Here's one wrenching account of a woman's journey through terminating her pregnancy which includes a visit to one of those centers, and should help put to rest this idea that abortions are easy outs for women with unwanted pregnancies.

Now, can we put all this "alternative" business away and get back to my rights as a woman?

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