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After a rousing breakfast of kitty cats and brass tacks, I picture Michelle Malkin hitting the keyboard each day to further the noble cause of bashing "the Left."

Her most recent launch pad to lunacy is the billboard parked out front of Grover Norquist's office featuring a quote of his writ large (see photo).

Now Malkin, whose hatred for the Left is apparently the only thing that trumps her toe-sucking of the Republican Party, uses this as an opportunity to show just "how out of touch the Left is."

You see, in her world the Katrina tragedy wasn't the child of a well-documented and well-coordinated attempt to "starve the beast" of government -- one agency and program at a time. The proof? There are Republicans in congress who run fast and loose with your money.

"the GOP has become hog heaven for the likes of Alaska Republican Don Young and other leading pork defenders. Norquist's own pals, government moochers Jack Abramoff and David Safavian, are embroiled in big-government corruption schemes. The party is in turmoil over President Bush's Lyndon Johnson impersonations. And as Robert Novak reports, the fiscal conservative wing of the party (such as it is) is valiantly struggling with the Bush brigade to get its anti-pork Operation Offset off the ground."
See, there's no starve the beast ideology because a guy in Alaska spends too much money and fiscal conservatives are having a hard time? Case closed (and way to serve up some nobody from Alaska on a platter with an apple in his mouth while you let the big boys and girls walk...).

Here it is, slowly. The choices aren't between pork-filled bills and cutting programs that help people and save their lives. Big government/small government is a bogus construction. Size doesn't matter, it's how you use it.

Fund FEMA and provide adequate Homeland Security funds to high-risk areas. A little-noticed study reported by Reuters a couple of years back showed that we waste so much money on administering health care that we could insure all Americans with a streamlined system.

Just like you don't have to choose between a small heart and a small brain, you don't have to choose between big corrupt government and small deadly government. Pessimists like Malkin will have you believing that government is inherently bad... which sounds an awful lot like Grover Norquist now that I think about it.

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