Dean rips Bush, GOP, Roberts (video)

Mostly paraphrasing because you can just go watch the [VIDEO] to get your fix...

On Katrina: After Dean faults Bush's gutting of FEMA and his pathetic response Colmes says: "the president did take personal responsibility..."

To which Dean responds: Well, that's one thing, but a lot of people are dead.

Yeah, that's another, isn't it?

On the estate tax (or as house liberal Alan Colmes puts it: the death tax): it was a moral choice and we made the wrong one.

On Bush's low approval ratings: This is the most divisive president since perhaps before the civil war and he got there by not telling the truth.

On Roberts and how the president's policies promote racism, homophobia, and injustice toward women.

On Roberts hearings: I didn't hear any answers and a lot of legal mumbo jumbo...

The best part is, this video of Howard Dean demolishing the president on Katrina, Republican immorality and Roberts' mumbo jumbo answers is, according to Susanhu, the second most popular video on Fox News' website. What do you think? Masochism or a change a comin'? (Booman Tribune & Crooks and Liars)

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