Dean on DeLay indictment; and a surprise replacement...

Swopa's got the goods on Dean's reaction to the DeLay indictment (hint: you know it's Dean and not senate Dems because it doesn't sound like an NPR cooking show and it clearly articulates why it hasn't gone far enough...):
Today, the state of Texas is doing what the Republican-controlled federal government has failed repeatedly to do, which is hold Republicans in Washington accountable for their culture of corruption. This alleged illegal activity reaches to the highest levels of the Republican Party.

In a strange turn of events, the original appointment to replace DeLay as House Majority leader, David Dreier (For info go [HERE] and [HERE]), has actually been retracted, or altered. Something.

This AP story seems to indicate that Dreier was to be DeLay's replacement but then about 15 minutes ago, Fox News and others began to report, without noting the change, that the duties would be split among 3 congressman: Roy Blunt, Eric Cantor and David Dreier.

Could any of this have to do with the fact that Dreier is widely known to be gay?

As Bill Scher noted, the Free Republic loonies are happy. (Needlenose & Liberal Oasis)

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