CNN out FOX-ing FNC?

In his final column for the LA Times, Michael Kinsley wrote that a colleague was coached to "get angry" by a CNN producer before appearing live to talk about Hurricane Katrina.

CBS News' blog, the Public Eye, did a bit of investigative work and tracked down this unnamed colleague:

Jon Healy [...] confirmed that he was the mystery colleague. He also fleshed out the story a bit.
Here's what happened, according to Healy: He had earlier penned an unsigned editorial for the Times critical of the response to Katrina. A producer from "Paula Zahn Now" - Healy doesn't remember her name - called and asked if the author would appear on the show; Healy agreed. Roughly an hour before Healy's appearance, he got another call from the producer. He wasn't sure of her exact words, but he said the gist was "I know this is going to sound tacky, but when you're on the show, could you be angry?"
Healy says he replied that he was willing to reflect the editorial's content - he characterized it as "a combination of mystification and anger" - but that he wouldn't express more anger than he otherwise would have. "I'm a news guy," says Healy. "I'm not an actor. If they ask me a question, I'll answer it."
Public Eye quotes a CNN spokespersons obligatory denial of the accusation, but nonetheless bloggers on the right have leapt to denounce CNN as evidence of the pervasive left-wing bias in the media. Drudge posted an obligatory link to Kinsley's column, and in what is surely an unintended bit of humor, David Wissing wrote in the Hedgehog Report
And CNN calls itself the "serious" cable news network? Can somebody show me an instance where Fox News had to "coach" their guests in order to dovetail in the anchor's opinions?
I don't know, could that be because FNC is so obviously a Republican mouthpiece that there's practically a revolving door between the anchor seat and the guest's seat?

As an aside, LA Observed posts Michael Kinsley's announcement that he is leaving the Times as of now. Kinsley notes that LA Times publisher Jeffery Johnson "isn't merely uninterested in any future contribution I might make, but actively wants me gone. So I'm off, with some regret and some excitement, to the Washington Post." No word yet on if the firing is related to the CNN hullabaloo...

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