Bad lefty bloggers

Here's the reason I added that postscript to my previous entry. The handwringing has already started -- initiated this time by Kevin Drum who is the blogger over at Washington Monthly:

WHISPERING CAMPAIGN....Is every single liberal blog in the world planning to post a slobbery, wink-wink-nudge-nudge mention that David Dreier is rumored to be gay? Pardon me while I throw up.
And spare me the drivel about the "principled" case for outing gay politicians. I'm not buying, and there's nothing principled going on here in any case. It's just childish nonsense that perpetuates the notion that there's somethng sordid about being gay. Conservatives were wrong to conduct a decade long witch hunt against Bill Clinton's sex life, and liberals are wrong to join in when the shoe is on the other foot.
(Yeah, yeah, I know. I'm living in the past. Sigh.)
Here's a point-by-point rebuttal that's required -- not to defend myself per se since am sure Drum doesn't even know I exist -- because there are important issues involved.

One, there's no pointing, nudging or winking involved. Most progressive writers have been blunt to the extreme: Dreier is gay, he's in the closet, and in office. A position from which he supports homophobic public policies.

Two, calling Dreier on his poisonous moral hypocrisy -- a task that is surely impossible without referring to the fact of his sexual orientation -- is the same thing as claiming that "there's somethng sordid about being gay"? C'mon! And I guess that's why so many gay progressive writers have made it a point to make Dreier's sexuality an issue. What is sordid is Dreier's moral cowardice.

Three, the Bill Clinton parallel would work only if he were a social conservative. He lied about extramarital sex but he never ever supported a political position against it. Ergo, it was entirely part of his personal life. Homosexuality is part and parcel of the Republican political agenda.

Finally, there's nothing wrong in disagreeing with the decision of other bloggers and writers. But to imply that anyone who thinks otherwise is vomit-inducing reveals a certain lack of political maturity -- or what Kevin so intemperately calls "childish nonsense." Dear Kevin, surely this wonderful world offers far more pressing reasons to lose your lunch.

UPDATE: Too bad all this is moot since the Republicans have decided to go with Roy Blunt instead.

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