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There will always be those who buy this crap, but the cracks in the right wing facade are gaping. And why would I go ahead and make such a grand claim?

Just a couple of incidents that reek of desperation and seem to indicate that Cindy Sheehan's vigil is actually freaking the pro-war crowd out. In addition to the fact that over 50% of the nation now thinks Bush ought to talk to her (an approval percentage Bush would cut off his arm for...), and the lunacy of a local Republican real estate man, there's a theme shaping up:

Blame the antiwar left.

But it won't work. The antiwar left, not really a monolithic thing to begin with, is now better known by its other name: the majority of Americans.

This smear tactic is beginning to look a bit like that scene in the Stepford Wives where Joanne just gets to town and is asked, repeatedly, by glassy-eyed housewife whose machinery is busted, whether she wants cream or sugar as she proceeds to dump teaspoon after teaspoon of sugar onto the kitchen floor.

In addition to this pathetic display of partisanship where Bush tool, Matt Margolis comically folds a psychotic Christianist group into the antiwar left, now we have that withered husk, Rush Limbaugh, mouthing the words "antiwar left" in reference to a random beating in Seattle.

Two soldiers who'd been in Iraq were badly beaten on the street outside a club after their dates were groped. Despite the fact that the men weren't wearing their uniforms, and the four or five hundred other clues in the video tape that point to this being anything but an antiwar protest, Limbaugh knows the drill: "For those of you who still have an open mind about the anti-war left in this country, this story is out of Seattle..." (MediaMatters has the video and the story)

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