The Chronicles of Rove, Part CLXI

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Okay, so I'm getting a little jaded thanks to the near-constant chatter of who-said/said-what that has dominated the blogosphere for more than a month. Or maybe I'm just peevish because it means I have no excuse to blog about Jennifer Aniston, who just revealed that she is not just lonely, but also confused and upset ...

Never mind, back to far less attractive and -- if I may say so -- svelte Mr. Rove. The latest is a NYT follow-up on a tasty little nugget that was included in Tuesday's installment of The Note from ABC News. Here's what we know now that we didn't before.

One, Rove's hand-maiden and boy-slave, Susan B. Ralston and Israel Hernandez, testified in front of the grand jury. Where the heartless Times treats Susan and "Izzy"as mere cogs in the giant wheel of politics, The Note is not afraid to get a little personal:

ABC News has learned that one was Susan Ralston, Rove's long-time right hand. The other, per ABC News' Jake Tapper, was Israel "Izzy" Hernandez, Rove's former left hand (and now a top Commerce Department official). ... We should Note that Ralston and Hernandez are two of the nicest people in Washington and their being called to appear is a necessary reminder of the Caputoean phenomenon from the Clinton Era, which some have forgotten. When there are special prosecutors, a lot of kind, innocent people can get caught up in the investigation, often saddling them with huge legal bills and emotional stress.[LINK]
Once upon a time there dwelt on the outskirts of a large forest a poor woodcutter with his wife and two children; the boy was called Hansel and the girl Gretel ...

Two, Rove may be willing to lie to you on "double super-secret background," but you're still ain't getting his digits:
At one point, the aides were asked why Mr. Cooper's call to Mr. Rove was not entered in Mr. Rove's office telephone logs. There was no record of the call, the person who has been briefed said, because Mr. Cooper did not call Mr. Rove directly, but was transferred to his office from a White House switchboard. ...
"I believe a woman answered the phone and said words to the effect that Rove wasn't there," Mr. Cooper wrote, "or was busy before going on vacation. But then I recall she said something like 'hang on,' and I was transferred to him." [LINK]
And that's about it. Sadly, all the tea-leaves in the world aren't going to tell us what this latest "development" augurs for the Rove-ster. The truth is that no one knows if the Susie and Izzy show is the sign of "a prosecutor wrapping up the loose ends of an inquiry" or the "Terminator" zeroing in on his target.

The Fitzgerald works in mysterious ways. We mere bloggers can do no more than engage in the kind of endless and often futile speculation that was once the exclusive preserve of cable news networks.

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