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As polls show significant public support for teaching creationism and I.D. Matt Yglesias suggests that we make the effort to persuade our fellow citizens of the merits of evolution. Lindsay Beyerstein takes the gently contrarian stance and suggests that this may be the time to pull the elitism card:

"The conventional wisdom in American politics is that the blue team should go out of its way to allay the red team's suspicions of condescention or elitism. Unfortunately, it seems that we get branded as elitists no matter how hard we try to downplay any hint of disrespect or condescention. Maybe it's time to start playing up the elitist image, at least on the evolution issue."
"Education policy is shaped by parents' aspirations for their kids. What's needed is subtle oppo[sition]-marketing of creationism and ID as being backward and superstitious."
"The task is to get evolution-believing parents riled up enough to run for school board, and perhaps to get status-conscious parents up in arms about the threat of a science curriculum scorned by admissions committees and other gate-keepers."

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