Say it again, Terry Michael

The former press secretary of the DNC takes on the "quintessential have-everything-every-way empty suits" of his party over Iraq -- and in the conservative Washington Times, no less. But, Terry, next time try and avoid the sweeping statements that lump all Iraqis together into one giant, offensive stereotype:

But how can mainstream journalism now be excused for quarantining stop-it-now voices from outside official Washington, after justification for the war has shifted from: 1) eliminating weapons of mass destruction, which didn't exist; 2) getting rid of a brutal dictator, who was a secularist thug, not an associate of Osama bin Laden; 3) spreading democracy, in a Hatfield-McCoy style tribal culture, heavily influenced by politicized religious fanatics whose world view never made it past the 8th century, let alone the Enlightenment, and who want theocracy, not liberty; 4) fighting Islamic terrorists, who need the United States in Iraq, not out, as their bete noir for recruiting more terrorists.
Yes, all the arguments in the previous sentence have been heard through opinion channels of mainstream media — but almost never from anyone who suggests they add up to a case for bringing our troops home now. Instead, some senior senatorial windbag like Sen. Joe Biden of Delaware alludes to them on "This Week" or "Meet the Press," but ends his disingenuous criticism of administration policy with the caveat: of course, we can't just leave.
Mr. Biden and Sen. John Kerry are the quintessential have-everything-every-way empty suits in my party, who essentially allow the Republican party to have no congressional opposition. ...
Until major newspapers and networks permit proponents of ending the war now to be taken seriously, Americans will hear no meaningful debate about whether it is in our national interest. The current non-debate is about tactics for muddling on through, rather than purposeful discourse to decide whether to stay or go.
My bet is that most editors and producers will prefer to remain properly housebroken. It's less messy to propagate power than to question it. [LINK via Hit and Run]

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