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If you're sensitive to expletives, you are probably not reading this anyway...

Devo is clearly unhappy about the recording industry's new plea to help the starving giants of pap music...

"Sweet Jesus, the gall of these people is pretty fucking outrageous. Their new trick is slapping up posters in cities to try to capture the attention of young, hip potential criminals, urging them to stop all the downloading! That practice, in itself, is pretty tame, but the wording they've chosen is downright exploitative."
He gently takes issue with their logic...
"'Download Legally. Feed a musician' they say. Excuse me? This line of ridiculous bullshit that claims Napster, Kazaa and LimeWire are causing significant financial hardship to any musician at all is one hundred percent rotten, stinking, putrid pigshit. Britney Spears will STILL be able to afford a mink coat for her precious fucking ratshit, ankle-biting, puntworthy dog of hers both BEFORE and AFTER I decide to download her latest verbal diarrhea about pink hummers and diamonds at the cluuuuub. Unfortunately, however, musicians with talent are out there holding day jobs AND devoting significant time to a genuine artform, and not seeing any prospect of expanding their audience beyond the 'local music scene'."
Not that there's anything wrong with local scenes, he tells us, but...
"...The music industry would rather nurture multi-million dollar kitsch that panders to the lowest common denominator rather than decentralizing its influence to pay equal attention to several 'local scenes' which boast numerous small-time acts that show real promise and talent. At the same time, they tell us that WE are starving the poor musicians if we download the latest three minutes of pablum that they've foisted on us in the first place!!!"
Read the whole post to find out how Elliot Spitzer fits in and how the industry doesn't appear to have problems with illegal activity itself.

And while Vitriolic Monkey makes some valid points, there are, unsurprisingly perhaps, some nuances he doesn't manage to include -- which is okay, it's just a blog. But for a more nuanced approach to the complexity on both sides of the downloading (aka file sharing) debate visit the good folks at the Electronic Frontier Foundation...(Vitriolic Monkey via Shakespeare's Sister)

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