More 'haves'... more 'have nots'

From this year's Census report: Even as the economy was adding 2.2 million jobs last year, more than 1 million more Americans fell into poverty, according to Census Bureau figures released Tuesday.

The lazy and disingenuous will say "well the number of jobs is increasing!" Which IS good... to an extent. Problem is, what's a job for? Right, to feed, clothe and shelter you and your loved ones -- and maybe even to enjoy yourself a bit. Who knows.

So when more jobs are created but fewer people are able to get from their jobs the aforementioned rewards, I think we can all agree that that constitutes a crappy direction to head in.

Charles Norman Todd writes: "And sure there are more jobs, but these jobs don’t pay squat. Here in Chicago – where poverty rose by 2 points from the previous year to 21.1%, the sort of jobs that were added were cashiers, retail, warehouse workers, and janitorial – i.e. jobs whose starting pay is around $6 or $7 per hour."

And then: "Now, compare this with the fact that in 2004 the U.S. led the world in creating new millionaires."

Norbizness colorfully anticipates the argument of rightwing screamers:

"Of course, once the hurricane coverage dies down, you'll see the 'but America has the fattest children in poverty in the world!' argument from the likes of the National Review or the Wall Street Journal. And it's true. Poor American children, equipped with all the corn syrup and generic bologna the world has to offer, are rarely lifted up by some Santa Claus-looking motherfucker in a Christian Charities TV commercial..."
(The UnCapitalist Journal & Norbizness)

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