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Here's a novel idea for keeping military recruitment at a safe level: Don't get the military bogged down in unnecessary wars they can't win. Or, I guess, you could provide them with the armor and necessities (there've been rumors that military contractors are making so much money they're driving the cost of things like razors and toothpaste to ridiculous heights, making it nearly impossible for soldiers to afford them...). Or, wait, how about sufficiently funding veterans programs? Then we wouldn't have to resort to...

"In yet another questionable recruiting scheme, the military is now offering to let recruits fulfill part of their military obligations by serving in the Peace Corps. The program, proposed by John McCain and Evan Bayh, went into effect three years ago... and�here’s the kicker�the Peace Corps didn’t even know about it until after it became law.

"Big Problem #1: A big part of what protects the 7,733 Peace Corps workers spread across 73 countries is the clear delineation between the Peace Corps and the US military. Publicizing such an agreement between the two, particularly at a time when the US military is actively involved in a foreign occupation, could raise suspicions of existing Peace Corps workers, potentially putting them in danger.

"Big Problem #2: There’s no guarantee that recruits who enlist with the promise of fulfilling part of their service obligation with the Peace Corps will actually be given that opportunity. The Peace Corps will require enlistees to apply to their program just like any other potential Corps volunteer. To put that into perspective, the Corps already receives three times the number of applications as they have open slots..." Ezra Klein, who so generously pointed Peek to this post, has points 3, 4, 5... (Shakespeares Sister)

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