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After Robertson's really, terribly stupid proposal, he apologized [not really], lied [here's video of him lying], retracted the lie, reiterated, double-talked and did everything but what a Christian leader should: apologize and admit that that's not the Christian way.

Richard Cizik, vice president for governmental affairs at the National Association of Evangelicals, agrees and stated in a Washington Post online chat that Robertson should apologize on TV, on his program The 700 Club.

On the other hand was Ted Haggard ("Pastor Ted"), president of the National Organization of Evangelicals, who didn't exactly endorse Robertson's public policy suggestion, but didn't exactly condemn it either. He opted for the creepy schizoid version: "Oh, yes, but I think you have to understand the context of it. You know his program has one section of it that's a Christian exhortation, and then another section where he's a political pundit."

Some related droppings:

John Dean believes that if Marion "Pat" Robertson were a liberal, he'd be in a heap of legal trouble:

"From the moment I heard Robertson's remark, on the radio, I thought of the federal criminal statutes prohibiting such threats. Do they apply?
"For me, the answer is yes. Indeed, had these comments been made by a Dan Rather, a Bill Moyers, or Jesse Jackson, it is not difficult to imagine some conservative prosecutor taking a passing look at these laws - as, say, Pat Robertson might read them -- and saying, 'Let's prosecute.'"
Jeff Sharlet explains Pat Robertson's vaudevillian role in right wing politics: "While Rumsfeld explicitly rejected Robertson's recommendation, he may be thankful for the televangelist's foregrounding of a U.S. opponent previously unknown to most of the public. Any action taken against Chavez now that's short of assassination will seem like a moderate response."

Sukabi notes that Fred "God hates fags" Phelps is trying to out-crazy Robertson by hunting down the king of Sweden.

Steve M. hops on this colossally stupid commentary published by the typically level-headed Christian Science Monitor, explaining that, heck, that's just how Southerners talk.

Here's some samples from editorial pages around the world: United Arab Emirates... Saudi Arabia... Spain...

John Aravosis gets down and practical. After noting that USA Today's description of Chavez as a "strongman" is ridiculous, he writes: "Chavez is the democratically elected leader of Venezuela and sits on one of the world's largest supplies of oil -- and Bush wanted him overthrown. He has every reason to distrust and dislike Bush..."

And last but not least:

The Daily Show treatment. In "Pat Sounds," Jon Stewart catalogs the various and stupid ways in which the media sidesteps the issue.

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