The O'Reilly slander

The king of invective never lets facts stand in the way of his rhetoric -- especially when it comes to some "left-wing guy."

This time his hapless target is an Iranian American filmmaker who was detained during his trip to Iraq, where he was filming archeological sites around Babylon. Iraqi police took him into custody when they found washing-machine timers -- usually used as detonators on bombs -- in the back of the cab. Even though the timers belonged to the driver and not Kar, he was held by the U.S. military until July 10, when he was released having been cleared of all suspicion. LINK

None of this stopped O Reilly and his co-host E. D. Hill from labeling him a terrorist on their radio show:

CALLER: The guy that was on [ABC's] Good Morning America this morning that was -- he was over there doing a documentary in Iraq. He's Iranian by birth, but he's been raised in the United States, was in the Navy.
O'REILLY: Yeah, yeah, I know.
CALLER: He was on Good Morning America this morning, and the last thing that he said before they were done interviewing him was that people like him that have been, you know, innocently detained -- or shouldn't have been detained, and he was innocent, but the first thing they're going to do is look for the next terrorist group to join. And I think that is inciting people who are --
O'REILLY: Look, this guy -- this guy's name is Cyrus Kar. He's a left-wing guy. He was arrested -- he and his Iranian cameraman were arrested on May 17 by the Iraqi police, who found two plastic bags filled with washing-machine timers in the trunk of his car.
HILL: Everyone carries those around, don't they?
O'REILLY: Again, you know, look, when people are dying all around you, you don't give the benefit of the doubt. You don't give them the benefit of the doubt. When everybody's dying and bombs are going off, the benefit of the doubt gets you and everybody else killed.
HILL: But are news organizations, by giving this guy legitimacy --
O'REILLY: Of course.
HILL: -- helping?
O'REILLY: That's what they do. But I've had this guy on my show. I didn't care about the story that much, one guy --
HILL: Why would you have him on the show?
O'REILLY: Well, because I challenge him. I say, look, if I caught you with washing-machine parts that can be used to make bombs, I'd hold you too.
[Via Media Matters]

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