What's Your Take?: Video Games and Violence

Do video games encourage violence? No, video games keep people off the streets and out of trouble. They could also keep kids off of drugs.
– king-of-aces

I don't think all video games create violent behavior, but I agree some can get kids to know more about guns and fighting and things like that.

The games are rated from E for Everyone to M for Mature. I don't think Mature video games should be bought at a young age.
– HunterJames 

Yeah, I don't really play video games so I don't have much to say... But I have heard that kids that have caused deaths because of school shootings played these games and watched extremely violent movies... So, video games and movies could have played a part in the tragedies that occured..
– FeelsLikeToday03 

In some ways I think that video games do increase violence because kids see so much of it and think "Oh, that looks like fun! Let's go shoot some people." But in others ways sometimes I think that it decreases violence because they can get their anger out.
– elllavata

I don't think video games encourage violence any more than the news does. Children growing up in this modern world better become accustomed to violence early in life, it's not the nineteenth century anymore.
– MorikoCrytillia

Video games don't encourage violence. Well, at least I don't think so. Because if the kids are stupid enough to wanna try that stuff, then it becomes their own stupid choice. I mean come on, when's the last time you ever saw a fight, and the dude said "Oh, I was just trying something I saw off of a game! I mean, it was sooo cool looking!" Yeah, sure. Or how about a kid jumping off of a house to fly like superman? Basically what I'm trying to say is, I've never heard of some sort of violent case where the kids were like, "The video game was fun and the fighting looked fun so I wanted to try it out!"
– JiangWei2635

Even though kids our age might not do that, you have to think of younger children. Sure you might not be like "Oh, I wanna try that move I saw on that game" but there are younger kids that definately would. Also kids our age that are a 'lil messed in the head might, too...I mean, you have to consider people who are not like you.
– FeelsLikeToday03

If someone plays a videogame and isn't encouraged to violence then that is one dull game, which shouldn't be bought in the first place.
– Strife

Who cares? Whether it does or not, people in general aren't going to stop playing them. Making violent video games taboo only makes the idea of them more thrilling.

– MorikoCrytillia

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