What's Your Take? A Woman President?

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Do you think that our country will be ready for a women president by the next election (2008)? Also, do you think Hilary Clinton will be a good president if she is elected in the next election?

- GameFreak

Of course women are ready to be president, I mean they already had a woman Prime Minister in the UK, and she was tough. Hilary Clinton would be a wonderful president. Oh and by the way, she has been voting with "president" Bush in the Senate as much as she can so when she DOES run, those Goddamn Republicans won't be able to label her as a �Massachusetts liberal.� Which isn't a bad thing, it's much better than being an inbred-conservative-bigoted-Bible-mis-interpreter. Bastards. Hilary will win in a landslide.

- abcdefg

Hahaha! Get off your high horse! Women shouldn't even be out of the kitchen, let alone running for president!

Now, the question is, am I'm kidding or not?

- Purgatory

Hillary is too divisive to be a good president. She's viewed politically as being conniving and self-serving. Plus, she just brings too much bad blood back from the Clinton-era. And frankly, I'm not a big Hillary fan. BUT I DO think that women not only are ready, America NEEDS a woman president. we need a feminist revolution and create a new matriarchal Amazonian society!

- aznmrjason

We need a female president, but, the question is not �are we ready?� but �will either political party allow it?� Because I know the Republicans can't be too hot on the idea. I mean, I can only think of them now is a bunch of old guys who are afraid of change, huddling in the corner using books of law to protect themselves. And, as for the Democrats – no offense to Kerry supporters – but a party that couldn't get Howard [Dean] running, won't stand a chance with a female.

- dan699

Hey, don�t be too harsh on the ole Republicans – a very ultraconservative Republican woman ran for presidential candidate in 2000. Obviously, she didn�t win, but at least some people have the right idea.

Actually, I rather think that its men who shouldn�t be allowed out of the kitchen. Excuse me, out of the living room. It�s too dangerous otherwise.

Hilary would get smoked by the opposition. There are too many people who don't like her.

- Salsa

Hillary would lose to Rudy.
Screw them all. Vote Oprah 2008!!

- Beaker

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