What's Your Take? Bush or Kerry and Why?

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Which one do you guys support? I support Kerry because he is way better than Bush and he thinks that we should have not gone to war. I also like him because he supports abortion, it's a woman’s choice. And gay marriages – I think again it’s a person’s choice – I’m straight, by the way. And because I think anybody is better than Bush.
– "unknownarmygirl"

I think the main thing that Kerry has going for him is that he's better than Bush. In the primaries I was for Howard Dean ‘cause I thought he was a lot more forward about his ideas. The Media kinda gave him a bad rep though, so I guess I'll support Kerry. I'm strongly against Bush's ideas on the war and how to work our economy. I'm pretty liberal and I'm for gay rights, abortion, etc. One of the things I dislike most about Bush is how he is mixing church and state, which has always been something I find offensive. That's what I think anyway.
– "LittleRain"

I'm for Bush. For one thing, I don't see how he is mixing church and state. His own personal beliefs affect what he does, but the same goes for everyone. I am against abortion. Women do have a choice. They can choose to not relate in child-producing activity (long string of words for a 3 letter one). After that, what about the baby's choice? There is always adoption. Lots of people would love to have a baby but are unable to. I am also against gay marriages (wow, I seem to be the opposite of everyone else). I guess I'll explain why in the topic about that later. I'm also not quite sure how Kerry is better than Bush. Is it his views or opinions or what ...? Don't forget Kerry voted for the war, too. It couldn't have been just Bush. A president can only send troops into another country for around 30 days without Congressional support.
– "Happy Monkey"

What has Bush done, you ask? We are now down to a deficit of $444 million when we used to have a surplus of $270 million. He has made every country fear/hate us more. He's made deals behind closed doors to limit media coverage for his needs. My school is losing teachers every year and we can hardly pay for paper while kids that feel they have no future leave their homes and go into the army to die or cause death. More money is going to the military than to everything else COMBINED. Our environment is being destroyed at an explosive rate and this 'war on terror' is making the land in Iraq toxic.

If he gets re-elected I guarantee there will be another terror attack so we can have an excuse to go [invade] another country that hasn't even touched us. Bush has said that he doesn't regret going into war because it was with a country that hated us and had the capabilities of making weapons of mass destruction. WOW! I'm glad Iraq's out of the picture cause there sure aren't any other countries out there that hate us and have, or have the ability to make, weapons of mass destruction. (Note the sarcasm just then).

– "LittleRain"

OMG I LUV U LITTLE RAIN!!!! That is exactly what I have been trying to tell people, because I live in Texas, most people here support Bush, including my friends! I have been trying to tell them the same exact thing for the past month or so and they don’t get it..........agggggghhhhhh!

– "unknownarmygirl"

We need more Kerry supporters like you Little Rain!!!! I went campaigning with my mom and her friends this weekend and we met some pretty interesting people that we actually convinced to vote in November! We really need to do our job as Democrats and promote our candidate!

– "chocolatemeltz26"

I am (*gasp*) a pacifist. I was raised in a commune for many years and pacifism is the only life I've ever known or desired. I feel great anguish at Bush's decisions throughout his candidacy. It pains me to see my nation engaging itself in avoidable conflicts. However, I do NOT feel that Kerry is an acceptable substitute for office. He should not be elected on the premise that he is simply 'not Bush'. Anyone who would elect him in that manner should be ashamed of wasting their ballot. The ONLY reason to elect a candidate is because you feel that his policies are for the greater good of the nation. I'm afraid that Kerry simply has not proven that to me. While I am thoroughly repulsed to be backed into a corner in this way, I feel that Bush (despite the hostility I hold for him) is better equipped for the position at this time. However, I am holding on to desperate hope that Kerry has an ace in the hole.

– "WafeMe"

I am definitely for Bush. Honestly, many people are voting for Kerry solely because he's not Bush. They don't even like Kerry. That’s completely the WRONG way to vote. Vote with sense folks. I'm sorry, but I respect Bush for his decision in going into Iraq because it was for the safety of you and I. I do believe that part of the reason why Bush went into Iraq was for oil, but do you not honestly understand how important oil is to our country? Also the whole argument that Bush is not be able to pronounce words or speak well in debates ... What does that matter? That has NOTHING to do with being president. It doesn't look good, but nonetheless. Also I think Kerry's views are too wishy-washy. He has no set decisions; he just sways towards what he thinks [will be] popular at that time. I want a president who is firm and sure in his decisions even if every one of his decisions aren’t right.

– "confusion"

I don’t like either of them.
– "King Llama"

I like Kerry because he knows what he is doing. He went to war while Bush was protected by his father. Bush didn’t have to go to war. Bush is only after Kerry because he had more success in his life than Bush himself. Kerry all the way!
– "mogger_86"

I say KERRY because he knows what his saying. Bush is just lying to everybody AGAIN.
– "whatever"

Both Bush and Kerry make mistakes and say incorrect things. I don't know that either lies on purpose. Kerry does seem to flip flop a lot, but maybe he is changing his mind. One thing I like about Bush is that I know what he is going to do.
– "Happy Monkey"

How can you say Bush doesn't lie? Go here okay.

– "LittleRain"

I did not say that Bush doesn't lie, but I said that I don't think either candidate would lie on purpose. All politicians do a lot of promising. Bush isn't perfect, not by a long shot, but neither is Kerry. I agree with more of Bush's stands on issues and I like knowing what he is going to do. I have no idea what course Kerry is going to take, since he has the tendency to change his mind.

I really think we could use some new politicians, so if anyone wants to run ...

– "Happy Monkey"

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