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"I think the Republican National Convention was awesome. I'm a democrat, but this year, if I was of age to vote, I'd vote for Bush. I especially liked the last night, when he made his speech, it was funny, and really, really good. I understand a lot more about what he's for and against now."
Meghan Zugibe, age 15, Rockland NY

"It was a dog and pony show. It mad me sick how dumb the Bush girls were. Makes girls everywhere look like airheads. All the people that spoke at the convention did was bad mouth Kerry and the Dems, like high school boys in a locker room. This election is turning into a high school one, not a Presidental one."
Jennifer Johnson, age 18, San Francisco, CA

"I think the Republican National Convention is a joke; they have all the moderate Republicans on the stage while their agenda is possibly the most conservative agenda ever. They want to nationally ban abortion and gay marriage. We can�t have four more years of these people who can't even be honest at their own party's party. That is pathetic. I don�t know if I can even deal with four more months of these people. They have no respect for America. They use 9/11 as a political rallying point and didn�t mention Osama once. They haven�t made us safer by any stretch of the imagination and worse yet they call anyone who says just that, a un-American prick who sides with the terrorists. They might as well have a witch hunt and put Michael Moore on the stand because they surely won�t get Osama and if they did get him it would have to be in October or else he is worthless.
I can�t even discuss these sick people. They deserve every bit of the heckling they�ve gotten from the protesters . Those guys are the truest Americans I know, and I�m proud to do what I can to help them and those causes as much as possible."
Josh Cook, age 16, Louisville Kentucky

"It's hard for me to stay on the channel (CNN) very long watching the RNC. I can't stand not being able to interrupt and tell my own truth compared to what they are saying as their own truth. It�s annoying watching them and thinking how brainwashed and clueless they seem to be of what's going on outside their brain's, outside their eyes, OUTSIDE THEIR NEIGHBORHOODS. It�s easy being selfish and Republican when you're rich. That�s what I really want to scream at them. 'It�s so easy to pretend like the country and world is all hunky-dorie when you live in lush lives!" Gah, so frustrating. But I�m sure they have their own apprehensions about the other sides (the Democratic, Green, Socialist, etc) and couldn't stand to watch much of the DNC. But I�m glad it's on, hopefully it's waking up
Democrats and others and they are getting pumped to go out and vote for Kerry, or Nader. I know it's helped my organization (the Democratic National Committee) in fundraising. People are getting riled up and wanting to give as much a possible. It�s great. This week has been great, in that respect."
Amber Horton

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