What's Your Take?: Fahrenheit 9/11

What are your thoughts on "Fahrenheit 9/11"? Have you seen in why or why not?

"'Fahrenheit 911' was amazing. I saw the movie in a rich suburb outside Phoenix, which I assumed would mean the movie wouldn't be too packed. It was filled. I was sitting in the third row 'cause I didn't get there early enough. As I left the theater there was a huge line already for the next showing. I went into the restroom and it was the only time in my life that a bathroom full of men were talking about books. 'You should read 'House of Bush House of Saud,'' said one guy, 'and Al Franken's book is great too,' pipes in another guy near by. 'Just read some Chomsky gentlemen and that's all you need,' says another which is followed by a fair number of agreements."

"The movie makes people talk and no matter how much the press nit-picks at it I think the audience does realize that this movie, like most documentaries, is made to make you think and ask why and this movie does that very well. Whether or not you agree with what it"s saying, you definitely leave wondering what's going on in this country. I think it would sway a voter who was leaning for Bush and saw the movie with a somewhat open mind."
Joshua Cook

"I saw it Friday, the day it opened, and it was a really great movie. Even if you didn't believe some of the conclusions about Bush, you still have to admit he makes a pretty strong case against the War in Iraq. This might sway the opinions of the middle ground people. The ones who really need to see this movie won't. I told a conservative friend to go see it and his response was, 'Its not true. Bush invaded Iraq so terrorist bombers won't hit America. Bush is a great president and all the Muslims are out to kill Christians or white people.' I found that really funny because that portrays exactly what Moore has been trying to get across. Control by fear, apathy, and ignorance."
Tyler Buck, age 17, Valley Center, CA

I haven't seen it yet, but I really want to, because I'm a very liberal Democrat. Actually, my best friend, another liberal, and I were going to see it, because we abhor Bush and everything. But, now my mother says I'm not allowed to see it, because it's rated R, first of all, and she doesn't want it giving me any more influence. She and the rest of my family are Republicans, and we debate often, (which can be fun at times, and also not), so she says the only way I can see it is if she saw it first, and since she loves Bush for the most part, she's not going to see it. I think it could change your opinion on Bush...depending on how confident on your opinion you are. If you're 100% conservative and very strong about it, you'll probably come out that way too, just criticizing Moore, but if you're insecure about your views, you may be swayed a little bit coming out, and think "hmmm maybe Bush isn't such a good guy." It all depends on what sort of attitude you have when you go into the movie. I still really want to see it, though.
Meghan Zugibe, age 15, Rockland County, NY

My boyfriend and I were very excited about seeing this movie we had loved Moores' other works and could not wait to see this one. I heard from a bunch of people I knew, that it was very good but no one told me it was so sad. All throughout the movie all I could do was cry. The movie was far sadder than I though it was going to be. I thought that it would be satirical and funny like "Bowling for Columbine" but this movie really wasn't. I enjoyed the way it touched me and made me feel for the people in it. There are so many people who have died because of the war in Iraq and if it takes a movie like this for people to get it, them I'm so happy that it has been so popular.
Chinyere Tutashinda, age 21, Berkeley CA

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